2nd Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis Virtual Conference

When: 8 – 9 November 2021

We would like to make the UK Catalysis Hub aware of the forthcoming 2nd Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis Virtual Conference taking place from 08 -09 November 2021. Organised by Fusion Online, a Cambridge, UK based family-run organisation. 

Whilst we wait for the impacts of COVID to settle, Arjan Kleij (CIQ) and Paolo Pescarmona (University of Groningen) are bringing together the CO2 community for an exciting and unmissable meeting. With an incredible speaker line-up and a virtual platform specifically designed for academic/research based conferences, this meeting will not only revitalise research but it will allow the lung community to come together in a safe and inspiring space. 

Key discussion points will include; new and improved synthesis of CO2-based polymers, heterocyclic synthesis, photocatalytic & electrocatalytic conversions, energy storage using CO2, new recycling strategies, new catalyst developments, biobased synthesis based on CO2, mechanistic analysis of CO2 processes and industrially relevant CO2 conversions.  

We have several grants available for early career researchers, where they can apply for complimentary access. Applications must be submitted by 8th October 2021 for consideration along with a poster abstract and a short message outlining why they would benefit from attending the conference. 

For more information visit https://online.fusion-conferences.com/all-conferences/7

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