9th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis Oxidation for a Sustainable Future and Clean Environment – Open for abstracts

When:  4-8th September 2022 
Where: Cardiff

Oxidation is a key technology that is central to the world’s move toward a sustainable chemicals and energy economy. This conference will bring together leading researchers in the field of oxidation catalysis to share their latest results, discuss current challenges and look to the future. 

Over the 4 days of the meeting, we expect delegates to engage with new concepts, get involved in lively discussion and develop fresh links with colleagues from around the globe. 

The meeting will be held face-to-face in the beautiful surroundings of Cardiff civic centre and close to the new facilities of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute. We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be one of the foremost conferences of 2022. 


1. Understanding Oxidation Catalysis 

a. Mechanistic insights: experimental & theoretical approaches. 

b. Structure & synergy in catalysis. 

c. Atom efficient oxidation. 

2. Tailoring Catalysis to New Applications 

a. Novel catalytic materials: design and evaluation. 

b. Catalyst characterisation and analytical methods. 

c. Chemical engineering: new processes & scale-up. 

3. Catalytic Oxidation in Green Chemistry 

a. Oxidation for processing renewables. 

b. Functionalisation using oxidation catalysis. 

c. Environmental clean-up by catalysed oxidation. 

With the sub-theme of “Oxidation for a sustainable future and clean environment” the conference will bring together internationally renowned active researchers as plenary, keynotes, contributing speakers and poster presenters. WCOC 2022 will be an opportunity to discuss new cutting-edge research, new trends and future directions in the field of oxidation catalysis. Our aim is to have all sessions include contributions from leading exponents of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis to highlight the complementarity of these areas. 

Prof. Graham J. Hutchings FRS, 
(Conference Chair) 

Abstract submission and early bird registration is now open at the conference website:  http://www.9wcoc.uk 

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