Applied Catalysis in the Circular Economy

When: 27th September 2022 
Where: Burlington House (RSC), Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, UK 

Novel processes utilising renewable and sustainable feedstocks, process byproduct re-use/valorisation and polymer recycling are crucial to achieve a truly circular economy. These processes have created the need for new active and stable catalytic technologies that allow transformation of new substrates, also in the presence of impurities. 

This 1-day RSC Applied Catalysis Group symposium will bring together academic and industrial speakers to share exciting developments and examples on the relevant role that catalysis plays to achieve carbon neutrality in real world as well as their perspectives on the future of this stimulating field. 

Invited Speakers: 
CO2 recycling into fuels and chemicals  – Crina Corbos (JM) 
Aspects of Catalysis in the Chemical Recycling of Polyolefins – Christoph Dittrich (SABIC Technology & Innovation) 
Lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases and their use in polysaccharide degradation – Luisa Ciano (University of Nottingham) 
Catalysts that create valuable everyday materials from waste CO2 – Michael Kember (Econic Technologies) 
Chemical Recycling of Problematic Plastics – Arthur Garforth (University of Manchester) 
Catalysis for chemical recycling of polyesters – Matthew Davidson (University of Bath) 
The Role of Catalysis in Sustainable Fuels from Waste Products’ – James Patterson (BP).

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