Diamond-II BERRIES Beamline Proposal and Webinar

When: 14 October 2020, 14:00
Where: Virtual

Proposal background
Following consultation with the User community in 2018, we are proposing to build a new Flagship beamline dedicated to performing photon-in/photon-out spectroscopies as part of the Diamond-II upgrade programme. The new beamline, called BERRIES (Bright Environment for x-ray Raman, Resonance Inelastic and Emission Spectroscopies), will be offering two new techniques to the Diamond user community: pink-beam X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (pink-XES) and X-ray Raman Scattering (XRS), that have only recently become available at synchrotron sources, and are showing great potential in several areas of science. 

XRS will open new possibilities to use hard X-rays for performing spectroscopy of light elements (such as O, C, Li, Be, etc…) providing a bulk sensitive probe for performing experiments in situ with several sample environments. The possibility of performing XES with a broad energy band-pass (pink-beam) considerably decreases the time needed for data collection, opening the door to perform studies in a time-resolved manner, or in more dilute samples. 
BERRIES will take full advantage of the added capacity and higher brightness offered by Diamond-II. We are proposing to build the beamline on one of the newly available straight sections, using a bright source to deliver the high flux required for the instrument. The beamline will consist of two experimental hutches: the first optimized for performing pink-XES as well as High Energy Resolution Fluorescence Detected XAS (HERFD-XAS), covering an energy range from 4keV to 20keV, while the second will be dedicated to XRS. 
It is expected that BERRIES and its emerging techniques will support discoveries, for both academia and industry, in several scientific areas important to the UK’s research priorities, such as chemistry and catalysis, energy materials and nuclear waste management, among others. We firmly believe that this beamline proposal thus offers an exciting and transformational change for our community.
Next steps
The outline proposal was presented to a joint SAC/DISCo meeting last May, and they recommended that a full case should be put together for the instrument. A User Working Group has been set up with representatives of the User Community and will be responsible for developing the case to be considered for prioritization by SAC/DISCo at the meeting that will take place on the 10thand 11th December 2020.
This will be one of the few chances in the coming years to influence the construction of a new beamline at Diamond and therefore we need to make the strongest case possible from the broad UK scientific community. To develop the proposal in an effective manner we now need your input on the exciting science and engineering that you would like to do using such an instrument, and also about the facilities that you believe will be required to deliver its programme. 
User community input & webinars
In order for us to provide you with more detail about the BERRIES beamline capabilities and to start collecting your views and suggestions in an open discussion, we have organised a webinar on the 14th October 2020. We encourage you to attend and to save the date in your calendars, along with the link and password to join the webinar below:

Diamond-II BERRIES Flagship Proposal – Webinar
Wednesday 14th October 2020, 14:00-15:30 (GMT)
Link to join: 
Passcode: 603359

In addition, if you were interested in keeping up to date on the BERRIES User Working Group progress and would like to receive updates by email, please sign up to our BERRIES Flagship Interest Group by filling out this quick form. You are also welcome to contact the project team with any questions or feedback by emailing BERRIES@diamond.ac.uk

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