New PhD positions through the Central Facilities at the Harwell Campus and the UK Catalysis Hub

There will be up to four opportunities for PhD positions through the Central Facilities at the Harwell Campus and the UK Catalysis Hub. In each case half the funding will generously be provided by the facilities. 

  • Central Laser Facility – one studentship
  • ISIS Neutron and Muon Source – one studentship  
  • Diamond Light Source – up to two studentships

The allocation of these awards will be made by Central Facilities and the Hub Management Group. 

The closing date for applications is 25th September.  Methods of application vary between the facilities. Please contact Josie Goodall stating which studentship(s) you are interested in, to get the information on applying.

The project should involve the best use of the world class facilities RAL (DLS, ISIS and CLF) and Catalysis. The Facilities involved are ISIS Neutron & Muon Source (ISIS) Diamond Light source (DLS) and Central Laser Facility (CLF).  

The Projects must focus on the;

  • Development of facility capabilities or the utilisation of capabilities. They must focus on facility-development in Synchrotrons, Neutrons or Lasers, which may include technique, software or sample environment development which is of wider use within the facility beyond the immediate PhD student project. Purely scientific projects or those with weak development aspects will be rejected.
  • Catalysis and be based around the themes of the UK Catalysis Hub.
    – Optimising, predicting and designing new Catalysts.
    – Catalysis at the water and energy nexus.
    – Catalysis for circular economy and sustainable manufacturing.

Please note it is required that:

  • The completed application form be submitted, together with a 2-page project description of the studentship science project and facility development component, letters of support and proof of co-funding.
  • The project would be focused on the relevant facility and catalysis.
  • The PhD student would be based at Harwell and be involved with the UK Catalysis Hub and facilities attending conferences, inductions and project meetings.
  • The Student will have a named Co-supervisor from the relevant facility which has been involved in the development of the proposal.  This co-supervisor must be a full and equal participant in the project alongside the university supervisor and play a full and equal role in the studentship project and supervision, including the interviewing of potential candidates.
  • Once the successful proposals have been awarded the successful applicants will find a candidate and arrange contracts for the project through their university with the relevant facility (DLS, ISIS or CLF) directly.

All applications must be completed and submitted via the correct method by 6pm on the 25th September. 

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