Science to enable the circular economy

RS discussion: science to enable the circular economy

When: 24 – 25 June 2019
Where: The Royal Society, London

Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor Matthew Davidson, Professor Richard Catlow FRS, Professor Adrian Mulholland and Professor Graham Hutchings CBE FRS.

This free discussion meeting focuses on how realising circular flows of molecules and materials is fundamental to delivering the circular economy in a sustainable society.

This meeting brings together scientists and engineers to highlight efforts to meet the formidable challenge of ‘keeping the molecules in play’. It addresses important global challenges such as using waste carbon dioxide, harnessing biotechnology, and eliminating plastics pollution.

Attending the event:
Free to attend
Registration essential


Monday 24th June

Session 1 – Fuels and chemicals for a circular economy
09.00 Welcome by the Royal Society and Matthew Davidson
09.05 Regina Palkowits – Catalyst design as key elements of an efficient use of renewable carbon resources
09.30 Discussion
09.45 Mike George – TBC
10.15 Discussion
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 John Warner – The mechanisms to achieve a circular economy
11.30 Discussion
11.45 Mike Muskett – TBC
12.15 Discussion

12.25  Lunch

Session 2 – Polymers for a circular economy
13.15 Stefan Mecking – Seed and microalgae oils as feedstocks for monomers and polymers
13.45 Discussion
13.55 Michael Meier – Renewability is not enough: sustainable synthesis of biomass-derived monomers and polymers
14.25 Discussion
14.35 Tea break
14.50 David Bucknall – Polymers as a materials system in a circular economy
15.20 Discussion
15.30 Charlotte Williams – Circular economy plastics
16.00 Discussion
16.15 Poster Session
18:00 Close

Tuesday 25th June

Session 3 – Biotechnology in a circular economy
09.00 Nicholas Turner – Enzyme catalysed reactions for high-value applications
09.30 Discussion
09.45 Wolfgang Zimmermann – Biocatalytic recycling of plastic
10.15 Discussion
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Roger Sheldon – Biocatalysis and biomass conversion: enabling a circular economy
11.30 Discussion
11.45 Kylie Vincent – Cleaner NADH recycling for biocatalytic chemical synthesis
12.15 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

Session 4 – Techno-economic, societal and environmental impacts of the circular economy
13:30 Adisa Azapagic – Environmental aspects of the circular economy
14:00 Discussion
14:15 Kai Baldenius – Biocatalysis: we create chemistry for a sustainable future – with a little help from enzymes!
14:45 Discussion
15.00 Tea break
15.30 Matthias Beller – TBC
16.00 Discussion
16.15 Panel discussion/overview
17:00 Close

Please visit the meeting web page to view the current meeting programme and to register.

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