How the Hub can help academics

PDRA working in the labThe UK Catalysis Hub is an open community to promote and strengthen UK catalysis research and it welcomes interaction with the wider catalysis Community. The Catalysis Hub is keen to offer support to research proposals that are complementary to the scope of the UK Catalysis Hub programme. Get in touch with us at the earliest possible stage in proposal development so that we can work with you to ensure that any support we offer is fully integrated and meaningful. Please contact the Project Manager Dr. Josie Goodall –, for more information about current Hub activities, conferences and opportunities.


The UK Catalysis Hub has secured Block allocation access to Diamond Light source B18 beamline for XAFS. The proposal is made on behalf of the UK Catalysis Hub network and intends to provide members with frequent and flexible access to B18, the core XAFS beamline. We have actively embraced new users and new areas of catalysis, assigning time across a broad range of catalytic science (homogenous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, biocatalysis, and electrocatalysis). To date we have supported the research efforts of > 20 research teams from > 10 institutions. For more information and details on application (when open) please see the BAG page.

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