Management Structure

The management structure of the Hub provides the necessary flexibility whilst ensuring good governance.


An independent Oversight Board has been appointed consisting of senior academic from each Partner Institution which will regularly review progress and ensure compliance with the terms of the award letter. The Centre Director currently Professor Matthew Davidson (Bath) will have responsibility for delivering the Project and be accountable to the Oversight Board. The Centre Director will provide a report to the Oversight Board every 6 months detailing the technical, financial and operational progress of the Hub.

Overall operational matters will be dealt with by the Management Group (MG) which will be advised by three advisory groups, namely the Steering Group (SG), the External Advisory Board (EAB) and the Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP). An independent Oversight Board will be appointed consisting of senior academic from each Partner Institution which will annually review progress and ensure compliance with the terms of the award letter and overall governance.

oversight board diagram

Oversight Board

Chaired by a Senior Academic at PVC level from the lead Partner Institution for the Core. The Board will be an independent body responsible for proving overall governance. The Centre Director will report annually and provide an update on technical, financial and operational matters. Decisions by majority vote (chair having the casting vote).

Key Roles:

  • To provide overall governance and ensure that the project is delivered in line with the Project description and according to the EPSRCā€™s terms and conditions
  • To review the Project finances to ensure that it remains on BudgetTo review overall technical progress of the Hub
  • To ensure that the Hub is given appropriate support from each Partner intuition and that its activities comply with the relevant university regulations
The Management Group

Chaired by the Centre Director and includes the leaders of the new Core and 3 Scientific Themes as well as the leader of the Biocatalysis Theme from Phase 1 of the UK Catalysis Hub which has a further 3 years to run together with the Project Manager. Meetings of the MG are anticipated to take place at least monthly (telephone conference) with more formal face-to-face meetings every 6 months. The MG will be the main forum for discussing the technical progress of each individual research project and encouraging cross fertilisation across all the themes. The MG will be responsible for allocating resources and making key decisions in regards the overall project. Decisions will be based on a majority vote with the Centre Director having the casting vote. The MG will also invite academics from Partner Institutions and industry collaborators to attend the meeting and discuss the technical progress of individual projects. Invited participants will be able to raise issues and advise the Theme Leaders but will not participate in any voting.

Key Roles:

  • Allocate resources
  • Review individual projects and if necessary re-allocate resource
  • Provide an open forum for discussing technical ideas

The Management Group members are:
Charlotte Williams
Andrew Beale
Richard Catlow
Matthew Davidson
Josie Goodall
Amanda Jarvis
Christopher Hardacre
Graham Hutchings
Adrian Mulholland
Nicholas Turner
Matthew Rosseinsky

Steering Group

Chaired by a theme leader. The chair will rotate through the management group annually. The SG will comprise senior academics active in the Hub together with the Chairs of the EAB and IAP. Membership will rotate on a three yearly basis (initially some members will serve 2, 3 or 4 years to ensure only one third of members are rotated).

Key Roles:

  • To prioritise and, therefore, advise the MG on the allocation of projects
  • To assist in reviewing and steering the projects undertaken within the Hub
  • To advise the MG on projects which could be enhanced or curtailed
External Advisory Board

Chaired by a senior international academic (Sauer, Humbolt University, Berlin). The EAB will meet formally on an annual basis and review the technical progress of the hub as well as suggesting new avenues of research. The Board will act in an advisory capacity and provide advice to the MG. This will be achieved through electronic meetings plus an annual meeting of the EAB.

Key Roles:

  • To assist in the evaluation of the projects undertaken within the Hub
  • To comment on the quality of the work undertaken in the Hub in an international context
  • To review and comment on the annual report produced by the hub
  • To advise the MG on relevant developments internationally in catalytic science
  • To comment and advise where appropriate on aspects related to Hub management
  • To advise on sustainability and future development of the Hub

The EAB members are:
Donna Blackmond
Gerard Van Koten
Walter Leitner
Moniek Tromp
Rutger van Santen
Wataru Ueda
Veronique van Speybroeck
Robert Davis
Beatriz RoldƔn Cuenya

The Industrial Advisory Panel

Chaired by a senior industrialist. The IAP will meet biannually to advise the MG on areas for research and ensure that the activities of the Hub are relevant to the requirements of industry.

Key Roles:

  • Providing input on the needs of industry
  • Provide advice in identifying and commercialising IP resulting from the Hub
IAP member company logos
Theme Leaders

Each Theme Leader will be responsible for the delivery of a particular theme as stated in the Project. Theme Leaders will consult with the MG and seek advice from the EAB and the IAP. The Theme Leaders will also be responsible for ensuring that any legal agreements or secondments of staff are in accordance with their own institutional policies.

Key Roles:

  • Provide leadership and co-ordination within each theme;
  • Arrange appropriate secondments and sub-contracts.

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