Catalysis By Design Projects

Initial Projects
  1. Developments in Neutron Scattering to Characterise Adsorbed Species. S Parker (ISIS), RA Ian Silverwood (Harwell). Additional Resource ISIS provided beamtime, manpower (Samantha Callear for data analysis) and financial support to make dedicated cells (~£2000).
  2. Technical Developments for Probing the Nature of the Active Site and Catalytic Mechanisms. P Wells (Harwell, UCL), PDRA: E Gibson (Harwell).
  3. Active-Site Design for Effecting and Affecting Catalysis at the Nano-scale. N Dimitratos (Harwell), PDRA: K Mohammed (Harwell). Additional resource; S Rogers PHD (UCL)
  4. Microporous and Hierarchical Architectures with Multifunctional Active Sites. R Raja (Southampton), PDRA: K Mohammed (Harwell).
  5. A comparative study on the mechanism of water gas shift reaction on Pd and AuPd surfaces. M Stamatakis (UCL), PDRA: A Chutia (UCL).
  6. Hierarchically Structured Porous Catalysts with Superior Performance due to Nano-confinement and Multiscale Optimisation of the Pore Space. Coppens (UCL), PDRA: J Bhatt (UCL) Additional resource: PhD student: Dr Guanghua Ye (East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, and UCL [2015]), Funding from the EPSRC “Frontier Engineering” Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering has helped support these efforts.
2015 Projects
  1. Synthetic Protein Metalloclusters – Hanging Catalytically Exciting Metals from Precise Sites. Hutchings (Cardiff) and Davis (Oxford). PDRA: S Raoufmoghaddam (1 PDRA time year granted at Harwell).
  2. Further Developments in Advanced in Situ and Operando Spectroscopy. Wells (UCL) and Goguet (QUB). PDRA: E Gibson (2 years Harwell). Additional resource: PhD student ICASE with Johnson Matthey Ellie Dann, UCL.
  3. Development and interrogation of Cu/Fe-based small-pore zeolites for deNOx using NH3-SCR. Beale (UCL), PDRA: A Greenaway (2 years, Harwell).
  4. Reaction Pathways in Alcohol to Hydrocarbon Conversion: a Multi-technique Approach with Energy. Parker (ISIS), Howe (Aberdeen) and Lennon (Glasgow). PDRA: Antok Suwardiyanto (Aberdeen), S Matam (Harwell), ( 2 years PDRA– *1 year design 1 year energy). Additional resource; Johnson-Matthey are funding two CASE studentships to David Lennon (University of Glasgow) who will participate in this project. In-kind contributions from the University of St Andrews are involved in the parallel microspectroscopy study using B22 at Diamond.
  5. Catalyst Design – Spatially controlled nanoparticle pairs to probe surface species diffusion in heterogeneous catalysis. Beaumont (Durham). PDRA: S Jiang (Durham, 1 year). Additional Resource; JM have provided £2.5k chemicals, and later in the project have offered support in kind to microscopy facilities. Durham and Newcastle are contributing estates costs for work carried out and extensive access to microscopy facilities. ISM’s group has supported the project directly with contributions of PDRA and PhD time to carry out measurements at Newcastle.
  6. Electronic Properties and Reactivity of Nanoparticles on Oxide Surface. Willock (Cardiff), Catlow (UCL). PDRA: A Chutia (2 years PDRA ) time granted at Harwell and Cardiff. Additional resource; A PhD project (Ali Nasrallah) at Cardiff with Richard Catlow and David Willock to work on the catalysed reactions that this system can facilitate.
2017 Projects
  1. The development of in situ soft XAS capabilities in the UK; exemplification via understanding the dynamic nature of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts. Webb (St Andrews), Beale (Harwell). 12 months additional Resource. 12 months matched funding from Diamond Sassol and JM. PDRA: Yaroslav Odarchenko (UCL).
  2. Advanced Operando Structural and Mechanistic Characterisation of Emission Control Heterogeneous Catalysts. A Gouget (QUB, 1 year), PDRA: Veronica Cellerio (Bristol).
  3. An operando and catalyst synthesis study of propane oxidative dehydrogenation. E Gibson (Harwell, 1 year), PDRA: Santosh Mattam (UCL).
  4. Advances in Aqueous Phase Reforming of Glycerol. P Wells (Southampton, 1 year), PDRA: Scott Rogers (UCL).
  5. Multiplexed Integrated Microreactor for in situ Reactive Characterization of Catalysts. A Gavriilidis, (UCL 12 months), PDRA: Enhong Cao (UCL).
  6. Design of the next generation of high performance catalysts for light alkane dehydrogenation. A Beale (Harwell, 12 months). PDRA: Ines Lezcano-Gonzalez (UCL).

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