Ā© Research Complex at Harwell. Photographer: David Fisher.

The UK Catalysis Hub is an open community to promote and strengthen UK catalysis research and it welcomes interaction with the wider catalysis Community.

Please contact the project manager for more information about current Hub activities, conferences and opportunities.

The Catalysis Hub is keen to offer support to research proposals that are complementary to the scope of the UK Catalysis Hub programme. Please contact us, via the management group, at the earliest possible stage in proposal development so that we can work with you to ensure that any support we offer is fully integrated and meaningful. This may not be possible at a late stage.

There are a number of schemes in place for interaction with the hub, please use the links below for more information.


Diamond Light Source

The UK Catalysis Hub has secured Block allocation access to Diamond Light source B18 beamline for XAFS. The proposal is made on behalf of the UK Catalysis Hub network and intends to provide members with frequent and flexible access to B18, the core XAFS beamline. We have actively embraced newā€¦

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How the Hub can help academics

PDRA working in the lab

Training and Development The UK Catalysis Hub will help researchers to expand their knowledge base through direct interaction with central facilities, training and collaboration, for example ISIS on neutron techniques and modelling, specialised workshops, staff development and training provided by the academic partners including, for example, through interactions with theā€¦

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Community Development for Early Career Researchers


The UK Catalysis supports ECRs where our regular conference series has allowed interaction and liaison, especially for those new to the field or to the UK and where our funding streams have assisted some ECRs in developing their programmes. ECRs employed on Hub projects have been successful with several movingā€¦

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How the Hub can help industry


The UK Catalysis Hub can offer a range of benefical interaction from networking with the catalysis community, focussed workshops, collaboration on projects, hosting of student positions, developing new collaborations or access to experts across the breadth of catalysis. The UK Catalysis Hub includes over 20 companies and 46 universites. Readā€¦

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