How the Hub can help industry

Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: An alternative technology to produce vehicle fuel photoThe Hub welcomes interaction with industry, and a range of industrial visors have visited the site and interacted with the Hub for discussions, tours and presentations. Johnson Matthey have developed a close interaction with the Hub by assigning a Research Fellow to interact with the Hub. Industrial Research fellows would be welcome to spend time at Harwell Campus interacting with the UK Catalysis Hub researchers and other facilities on site developing relationships and research. The Hub has very successfully hosted numerous iCASE PhD Students, and other PhD projects especially where projects combine catalysis research with advanced techniques including Synchrotron, neutrons or Lasers. These students have been registered with institutions across the UK and have access to UK catalysis Hub facilities. Please come and talk to us if you are interested in working with the Hub through PhD positions.


The hub has hosted a number of meetings workshops and discussions with companies with the aim of setting up collaborations with early career researchers in the Hub. These meetings can have a range of formats from a one to one discussions, stakeholder information sessions to workshops on a specific issue or challenge or a larger conference format. We also hold a program of workshops on advanced techniques. In the past these have included EPR, Electron microscopy, Advanced materials characterization, Laser techniques for catalysis and Neutrons for Catalysis.

The UK Catalysis Hub plans to hold industrial site visits to both individual and groups of multinational and SME companies to interact with more industrialists within these organizations and develop partnerships for the projects undertaken. If you would be interested in hosting a visit from the Hub to discuss a particular area of catalysts or a particulate challenge or opportunity please get in touch with us.
Please check out our events page for more information on upcoming events. If you are interested in holding a meeting or workshop with the Hub please get in touch with the Project Manager, Josie Goodall at or come and talk us.


The UK catalysis Hub can support a wide range of knowledge transfer mechanisms, including the bilateral secondments, of researchers to and from Hub research groups, industry or labs. The Hub is also happy to work with industry to arrange secondments of members of staff so they can interact with the UK Catalysis Hub and use Hub facilities to strengthen scientific capabilities, develop new techniques and expertise.

Call for Business Interaction Vouchers (BIV) funding

The aim of the UK Catalysis Hub Business Interaction Vouchers scheme is to encourage and support those initial steps towards collaboration between academic partners and industrial partners within the UK Catalysis Hub Networks. It is expected that the vouchers will help resource small, confidence-building measures between an academic partner and an industrial based partner with the view that they will deliver more significant future outcomes – for example: a longer-term relationship, improved interaction or new research technology transfer projects. More information on the BIV funding can be found on the BIV funding page of our website.

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