LG Chem Global Innovation Contest 2021

EG Chem is hosting ‘LG Chem Global Innovation Challenge 2021′(GIC 2021) which will support scholars up to¬†$150,000.¬†This program is a platform for research collaboration designed by LG Chem that will be initiated with novel proposals from universities and research institutions from all over the world.¬†

The scope of the program will include all business areas of LG Chem. Nominees of this contest will be granted up to $150,000 per year for multi-year research activities and may also have the opportunity to collaborate with our R&D teams.

We highly encourage scholars, who have novel ideas to share with us, to apply for GIC 2021. For more information, please visit our official website at http://www.rnd.lgchem.com/global/gic. You may also refer to the FAQ on our homepage or send e-mails(lggic@lgchem.com) for any inquiries.

Online proposal period:¬†Jan¬†25¬†–¬†Mar¬†31, 2021

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