LG Chem Global Innovation Contest 2021

EG Chem is hosting ‘LG Chem Global Innovation Challenge 2021′(GIC 2021) which will support scholars up toĀ $150,000.Ā This program is a platform for research collaboration designed by LG Chem that will be initiated with novel proposals from universities and research institutions from all over the world.Ā 

The scope of the program will include all business areas of LG Chem.Ā Nominees of this contest will be grantedĀ up to $150,000 per yearĀ for multi-year research activities and may also have the opportunity to collaborate with our R&D teams.

We highly encourage scholars,Ā who haveĀ novel ideas to share with us, to apply for GIC 2021.Ā For more information, please visit our official website atĀ http://www.rnd.lgchem.com/global/gic.Ā You may also refer to the FAQ on our homepage or send e-mails(lggic@lgchem.com)Ā for any inquiries.

Online proposal period:Ā JanĀ 25Ā –Ā MarĀ 31, 2021

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