Watch Now – UK Catalysis Hub Summer Conference 2023

On the 17th and 18th of July the UK Catalysis Hub held its annual summer conference and networking  meeting.  The Conference took place at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire. The event was hybrid event so people had the option to attend virtually.

The conference started at lunchtime on the 17th and the main conference concluded in the afternoon on the 18th July. There was a poster session on the evening of the 17th July and dinner by invitation. 

Speakers at the UK Catalysis Hub summer conference included researchers from the Catalysis Hub, internationally renowned speakers and industrialists covering a range of topics in catalysis. The event also included a poster session showcasing work from the Hub postdocs and visitors. 

Speakers included:
Click on the names below for presentation recordings, abstracts and biographies
Prof. Nigel Browning, Liverpool
Dr. Emma Campbell, UK Catalysis Hub/Cardiff
Dr. Veronica Celorrio, Diamond Light Source
Prof. Robert Davis, University of Virginia
Assistant Prof. Charlie Fehl, Wayne State University
Dr. Simon Freakley, Bath
Dr. Laurie King, MMU
Prof. Unni Olsbye, University of Oslo
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Sauer, Humboldt-Universität, Institut für Chemie
Prof. Duncan Wass,  Cardiff 
Dr. Peter Wells, Southampton 

Click on the names below for presentation recordings, abstracts and biographies:

17 July 2023

12:00 -13:00 – Buffet Lunch – Visitors Centre (R112)

Session 1 – EnvironmentPickavance Lecture Theatre (R22)
Chair: Professor Graham Hutchings, Cardiff

13:05 -13:15 – Welcome & Instructions

13:15 -13:55 – Prof. Unni Olsbye, University of Oslo – Site – structure – performance correlations in MOF-based catalysts

13:55 -14:35 – Dr. Simon Freakley, Bath – Revisiting Liquid Phase Hydrogenations using Pd Nanoparticles 

14:35 -15:05 – BREAK: Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)

Session 2 – EnergyPickavance Lecture Theatre (R22)
Chair: Dr. Amanda Jarvis, Edinburgh

15:05 -15:15 – Introduction – Dr. Amanda Jarvis, Edinburgh

15:15 -15:55 – Dr. Veronica Celorrio, Diamond Light Source Operando (and ex situ) XAS of oxide electrocatalysts​

15:55 -16:35 – Dr. Laurie King, MMUCatalyst design and development for electrochemical water splitting

16:35 -17:15  – Prof. Robert Davis, University of VirginiaOxidation Catalysis by Isolated Co and Rh Atoms in N-doped Carbon speaking virtually

17:15 -18:25  – Drinks, Exhibition & Posters, Visitors Centre (R112)

19:00 – Dinner by invitation only

18 July 2023

8:30 -8:55 Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)

Session 3 – TransformationsPickavance Lecture Theatre (R22)
Chair: Professor Matthew Davidson, Bath 

9:00 -9:10 – Introduction – Professor Matthew Davidson, Bath 

9:10 -9.50 – Prof. Nigel Browning, LiverpoolA New Relativistic Ultrafast Electron Diffraction and Imaging (RUEDI) National Facility in the UK

9:50 -10.30 – Assistant Prof. Charlie Fehl, Wayne State UniversityDeciphering cellular sugar pathways using chemically-controlled carbohydrate probes 

10:30 -11:10 – Prof. Duncan Wass,  Cardiff Guerbet Chemistry Renewed – New Directions for an Old Reaction

11:10 -11:30BREAK: Tea and Coffee, Visitors Centre (R112)

Session 4 – DesignPickavance Lecture Theatre (R22)
Chair: Professor Richard Catlow, UCLCardiff  

11:30 -11:40 – Introduction – Professor Richard Catlow, UCLCardiff  

11:40 -12:20 – Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Sauer, Humboldt-Universität, Institut für ChemieAb initio predictions for elementary adsorption and reaction steps in heterogeneous catalysis

12:20 -13:00 – Dr. Peter Wells, Southampton Development of operando spectroscopic methods and controlled catalyst preparation

13:00 -13:40 – Dr. Emma Campbell, UK Catalysis Hub/Cardiff The application of Kerr-gated Raman spectroscopy in zeolite catalysed hydrocarbon conversion reactions

13:40 -14:40 – Buffet Lunch, Exhibition & Posters Visitors Centre (R112)

14:40 – CLOSE

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