UK Catalysis Hub Town Meeting

When: 25 January 2024, 10.00 to 4.30pm
Where: The Royal Society, Carlton House Terrace 6-9, London, SW1Y 5AG, UK

The UK Catalysis Hub has been funded for 10 years so far by the UKā€™s EPSRC and we have been informed that we will be eligible to apply forĀ  funding for a further seven years. As part of our application process engaged with the wider community through Ā a Town Hall Meeting

The Town Hall MeetingĀ  took place on the 25thĀ of January 2024 at the Royal Society Ā in London 10.00 to 4.30pm. ThisĀ  event brought together researchers, industry partners, and funders to discuss the latest developments and challenges in catalysis research and innovation. The discussions at this event will inform a proposal for future activities of the UK Catalysis Hub.

The UK Catalysis Hub Town Hall Meeting 2024 was a great opportunity to discuss the priorities for Catalysis and how the UK catalysis Hub can best support the community, network with other catalysis experts, and learn from the best practices and insights of the field.

You can read the notes from the meeting at

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