Watch Now: Catalytic Reactor Engineering in the Digitisation Era

When: 5 November 2020
Where: Virtual

A virtual meeting on reactor engineering. Catalytic reactors are key in many chemical manufacturing processes. As digitisation becomes pervasive in every aspect of technology, and increasingly in manufacturing, changes in the way we are developing catalysts and designing and operating catalytic reactors are on the horizon. In this one-day symposium, organised by the UK Catalysis Hub, six speakers from industry and academia will share exciting developments,  tools and methodologies on catalytic reaction and reactor engineering in the digitisation era. The meeting will be of interest to researchers, academics and industrialists alike with an interest in catalyst and catalytic reactor development.

Speakers include:
Hugh Stitt (Johnson Matthey) –  Reaction and Reactor Engineering ā€“ the Digital Future
Gadi Rothenberg (University of Amsterdam) –  Practical Tools for Catalyst Discovery and Optimisation in the Digital Era
Dongda Zhang (Manchester) – Dataā€driven and Hybrid Modelling for Reactor Engineering
Federico Galvanin (UCL) – Development and Application of Machine Learningā€Assisted Techniques for Kinetic Model Identification
Blaž Likozar (National Institite of Chemistry, Slovenia) –  Tandem Catalysis/Reactor Design: A Myth or Digital Twinning Reality?
Jan Verstraete (IFPEN) – Performing Sensitivity Analysis of Models

Click on the links above to view abstracts and biographies.

Watch a recording of the meeting below:

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