Jan Verstraete


Performing Sensitivity Analysis of Models


Dr. Jan VERSTRAETE is a Senior Researcher at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN).  He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering (1997) from the University of Ghent (Belgium), where he developed fundamental kinetic models for catalytic reforming under the supervision of Prof. dr. Gilbert Froment.

He joined the IFPEN-Lyon research center in 1994, where he first worked on the modeling of various refining processes.  From 1999 onwards, he was appointed R&D project manager for several applied research projects, mainly on heavy oil refining processes (fluid catalytic cracking, residue hydrotreating, ebullated-bed hydrocracking, crude oil upgrading, catalytic crude to chemicals).  He has also been deeply involved in basic research on feed composition modeling and reaction modeling through the supervision of several Ph.D. and post-doctoral students, while leading basic research projects on Molecular Reconstruction of Petroleum fractions, on Modeling of Residue Hydroprocessing, and on Multi-Scale Modeling.

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