Characterisation and Modelling of Catalysts for Euro 7 Application PhD

The global effort to improve air quality and the associated implementation of emission regulations have been major driving factors for the development and adoption of new after-treatment technologies for automotive vehicles. 

Since the conception of these standards, the automotive industry has been required to invest extensively in the development of improved catalysts and control systems that meet the increasingly stringent pollutant limits. 

This is particularly important with the anticipated introduction of Euro 7 standards around 2025, which are expected to require further reductions in emissions limits while increasing the number of regulated pollutants and extending the operating limits over which the vehicle must comply. In effect, they require zero toxic emissions from the vehicle over its lifetime. The use of advanced simulation tools is crucial to the successful achievement of these requirements.

In the present 3-year PhD project, a range of Euro7 catalysts will be investigated with the aim of developing a predictive model of tailpipe emissions. It will make use of the unique combination of experimental equipment that is available in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. 

The project is an exciting research collaboration between the Reaction Engineering, Aftertreatment and Catalysis Technologies group and Ford Motor Company. It is funded through a CASE studentship and will build on the 25-year relationship between Queen’s University Belfast and the company. It is expected that the successful student will spend some time at one of Ford’s research facilities during the project and will benefit from the extensive networking opportunities that this experience affords.

Closing date is the 29th of October.

The project’s funding will cover the tuition fees and a stipend of £15.285 tax-free per annum for up to 3 years.

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