Impact Case Study: Biotechnology — Prof. Nigel Scrutton

Impact Case Study Biotechnology photos

Researchers from the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB) including five from the group of Prof. Nigel Scrutton attended the annual New Scientist Live event in London. The event attracted more than 30000 visitors from the general public with MIB researchers engaging the audience with hands-on activities about enzymes, DNA and highlighting current research in synthetic biology and biotechnology at the University of Manchester.

Legislations banning single-use plastics and consumers shifting towards sustainable products has led to the chemical industry seeking new ways to address market demands.

Biotechnology has emerged as a key technology towards the production of high-value fine chemicals used in flavours, fragrances, bio-polymers and pharmaceuticals.

The aim of the exhibition was to shift the poor perception of biotechnology by demonstrating the benefits and safety of this technology with case studies from MIB.

Attendees went away with a better understanding of biotechnology and how it is being used to sustainably produce commodity chemicals and strengthen the bio-economy of the UK.

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