Post-doc in Novel materials and innovative instrumentation for energy transition at TU Delft

As a member of this team, your primary role will be to design and develop novel fixed bed reactors, optimizing their heating methods to achieve maximum efficiency. You will use both thermocatalytic and microwave-based cold plasma techniques to activate chemical reactions, aiming to enhance product yield. Working closely with a team of experienced researchers and technicians, you will collaborate to develop new technologies that can transform the energy landscape, achieving sustainability through innovation. In addition to your research responsibilities, you will also have the opportunity to supervise bachelor’s and master’s students, sharing your knowledge and expertise with the next generation of researchers in the field. Through this role, you will be able to contribute to the growth and development of the scientific community, furthering our collective understanding of how to create sustainable sources of energy.

The successful candidate should possess a PhD, or have a PhD thesis submission planned prior to commencing the position. The candidate should have a robust background in continuous flow fixed bed reactors and practical experience working with various PID controllers and analytical instruments. Knowledge of materials synthesis is also preferred. Candidates with previous experience in cold-plasma and microwave techniques for chemical activation will have an advantage.Ā 

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