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A number students funded on other projects have been associated with the hub, over the past 3 years: 15 students including; 6 iCASE students have or are been based at Harwell as well as 3 MChem Placements. The students are hosted by a number of Institutions including Cardiff, Glasgow, UCL, Oxford, QUB and Southampton and spend time based at Harwell. Graduated doctoral students have gone on to become PDRAs, industrial scientists and teachers.

PhD students describe their experiences at the UK Catalysis Hub

The Hub has supported early career researchers from eight institutions to collaborate with Hub scientists through the affiliate researcher scheme. In addition it has housed a successful team of graduate students (currently thirteen, past six) who have responded well to the scientific environment of the Harwell campus. Read more about ECR experiences.

Current opportunities:

Please come and talk to us if you are interested in ECR opportunities or email our Project Manager Dr. Josie Goodall –

PhD position available in Combined modulation excitation neutron and X-ray methods to understand catalytic systems at Harwell Campus

Project DescriptionA longstanding challenge in liquid phase chemical science, is understanding the evolution of atomic and molecular structure of catalytically active sites during chemical reaction processes. To date, traditional experimental probes of liquid structure, such as neutron scattering and X-ray absorption spectroscopy, have largely been limited in their ability to…

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