Led by Professor Nicholas Turner
Initial Projects
  1. Fundamental & Underpinning Mechanistic Studies on Enzymes. N Scrutton (Manchester), A Mullholand (Bristol), PDRA H Messiha (Manchester). Additional resource: the work was supported also by a BBSRC DTP studentship to build fermentation pathways for monoterpenes. The group of Prof S. Yeates (Manchester polymer chemistry group) has supported our work on polymerisation of lactone monomers and this continues moving forward.
  2. Integration of Bio- and Chemo-Catalysis into Telescoped Processes. Mike Greaney (Manchester), Nick Turner (Manchester), PDRA M Odachowski (Manchester).
  3. Flow Biocatalysis. R Alleman and T Wirth (Cardiff), PDRA X Tang (Cardiff).
  4. Development of the Next Generation of Biocatalysts. Ben Davis (Oxford), PDRA: N Yang (Oxford). Additional Resource: Mr.Naseer Khan (PHD) for OtsA-OtsB expression system set up Prof. Daniel C. Anthony and Mr. Anuchit Phanumartwiwath (PhD) for Pallado-zyme study.
  5. Increasing the speed of biocatalyst discovery, development, and application. G Lye (UCL), PDRA F Truscott (UCL). Additional Resource: MChem students from Cardiff, PhD students from Cardiff, Erasmus students from European Countries.
2016 Projects
  1. Integrated flow electrosynthesis / biocatalysis. Greaney (Manchester, 2 years). PDRA: M Odachowski (Manchester).
  2. Artificial Metalloenzymes: Unlocking New Catalytic Routes to Amines. P Kamer (St Andrews, QUB 2 Year) PDRA Hasan Tanvir Iman (St. Andrews).
  3. Development of Continuous Flow Processes for Efficient Transaminase Reactions. O’reiley (Nottingham), Blacker (Leeds, 2 years).
  4. Exploring the Catalytic Properties of Heme Enzymes with Non-Canonical Proximal Ligands. Green (Manchester, 2 years), PDRA Mary Ortmayer (Manchester).
2018 Projects (continuing Projects)
  1. Modelling and Simulation for Biocatalyst Design and Engineering in the Hub. VanderKamp (Bristol 2 years)
  2. Synthetic Protein Metalloclusters – Hanging Catalytically Exciting Metals from Precise Sites. Hutchings (Cardiff), Davis (Oxford, 2 years)
  3. High-throughput selection method for extracellular biocatalysts. Dixon, Grogan Turner (Manchester, 2 years)
  4. Flow Biocatalysis. R. Allemann (Cardiff, 1 year)
  5. New boundaries in fluorine biotechnology. D. O’Hagan (St Andrews, 1 year)
  6. Monooxygenase Biocatalysts for the Sustainable Manufacture of Lactone Monomers and Novel Lactone-based Polymers for Healthcare Applications. Prof Nigel Scrutton (Manchester, 1 year)
    Understanding the reactivity of ferryl heme, and its role in biocatalysis. E Raven (Leicester).

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