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Microbial cell factories – engineering biology for chemicals production

When: 27 October, 15:00 Prof. Nigel Scrutton (Manchester) will talk about biocatalyst engineering and engineering of microbial cell factories for chemicals production. Biocatalyst engineering and the engineering of microbial cell factories for chemicals production has promised to deliver new routes to chemicals production. Major hurdles to scaled production of chemicals…

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An Introduction to Patents: What, when and how?

When: 23 November 2020, 3 – 4pmWhere: Virtual Abel + Imray will be hosting an “Introduction to Patents” webinar aimed at explaining what a patent is, why patents are relevant to you, as a chemist, and how you go about patenting an invention.  Obtaining adequate protection for your ideas from…

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The fundamentals of Catalysis at the Molecular level

When: 14 December, 15:00 Prof. Richard Catlow (UCL/Cardiff)  A seminar highlighting the use of computer modelling in conjunction with synchrotron and neutron techniques. Register for free at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-fundamentals-of-catalysis-at-the-molecular-level-tickets-117660161711

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Past Webinar: F-block catalysts for the catalytic conversion of dinitrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon oxygenates under mild conditions with Prof. Polly L Arnold (UC Berkeley)

When: 23 June, 16:00 – Watch Now The subtleties of structure and bonding in compounds of the rare earths (Group 3 and the lanthanides) and actinides are still poorly-understood. However, their complexes can exhibit strong and tuneable Lewis acidity, high and tuneable reduction capacity, and the capacity for rapid ligand…

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