Past Webinar: Chemocatalysis vs Biocatalysis: When do industry use which, and how can we bring them together?

When: 19 November, 15:00

Dr. Amanda Jarvis (Edinburgh) & Dr. Samantha Staniland (Johnson Matthey)

Dr. Amanda Jarvis – A brief introduction to artificial metalloenzymes
This talk will briefly introduce artificial metalloenzymes (ArMs) – biohybrid catalysts that aim to bring together the benefits of transition metal catalysts and enzymes. Using examples from our work, I will illustrate how we can design and prepare ArMs, and their use to date in catalysis.

Dr. Samantha Staniland – Why biocatalysis?
This talk will explore the pros and cons of biocatalysis vs. chemocatalysis from an industrial standpoint. 

Watch the webinar now:

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