Consultation with the UK Catalysis Hub for National Data needs workshop

When: 1 March 2022, 10:00 GMT
Where: Online

The Hub workshop to consult on data needs and wants of the catalysis community that should be delivered by a national data infrastructure.

The UK Catalysis Hub invite you to participate in the [virtual] workshop on the development of a data infrastructure which we are organising.


The UK Catalysis Hub has recognised, particularly in its 2nd phase, the need for the development of a data infrastructure to capitalise on its results. There is now the opportunity for the Hub to benefit from a UKRI investment in a national data infrastructure for the physical sciences, a crucial investment towards making catalysis research in the UK fully digitally enabled. This cross-technique infrastructure would integrate data across existing initiatives such as the STFC Facilities, Academic institutions etc., to: Support multiscale modelling and multimodal research; Leverage simulation data to drive experimental science and vice versa; Surface data from many sources; Provide reference-quality data; Standardise, normalise and aggregate data and metadata; Enable data to be exploited by AI methods; Support workflows that automate data processing; Seamlessly access performance compute for scaling up; Be a place for curation of legacy beyond individual projects. 

A pilot phase of the Physical Science Data Infrastructure (PSDI) has been funded following the submission of a Statement of Need. The pilot aims to plan the next phases of the PSDI via a number of activities, including workshops with major initiatives such as the UK Catalysis Hub. A workshop’s report will be written to feed into a proposal for an investment as part of the UKRI Digital Research Infrastructure.


The aim is specifically to consult on what data needs and wants of the UK Catalysis Hub community should be delivered by a national data infrastructure such as the PSDI.

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