Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellowship – University of Manchester at Harwell

One of the Faculty of Science and Engineering’s flagship schemes for investing in Early Career Researchers and increasing the diversity of our staff is the Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellowship (DKOs). These represent a strategic investment in outstanding researchers who will shape our future research portfolio. The Fellowship is an excellent stepping stone to establishing an independent research career and gaining a full time permanent academic position. In 2024 we plan to appoint DKOs aligned to the following research areas to the School of Natural Science (SoNS) and to the School of Engineering (SoE):

  • Data Science; Machine Learning and Simulation; Robotics & AI 
  • Quantum; Nano-engineering; Spintronics & electronics; Low energy computing 
  • Mathematics; Modelling and simulation for chemistry and materials applications  
  • Net zero & environmental sustainability; Polymer composites  
  • Nuclear science and engineering; Metallurgy   
  • Biomedical engineering/Engineering Biology; Fluids/Hydraulics
  • Fashion Business Technology 

In addition, we encourage applications in areas which are aligned with our strategic partnership with the central facilities based on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire including the Diamond Light Source and the ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility.  There is particular interest in developing the areas of the use of these facilities in understanding:

  • Catalytic processes
  • Quantum materials
  • Magnetic materials
  • Formulation science and engineering. 

As well as these specific areas of science and engineering, there is a strong desire to develop further capability in:

  • Imaging
  • Photoelectron emission
  • Scattering
  • In -situ/operando environments
  • Scientific computing.

These areas should be regarded as a guide to where we anticipate making appointments , and reflect the current research priorities of the Faculty.  However, outstanding candidates in science and engineering who are outside of these areas will also be considered and are encouraged to apply.

For more information and to apply visit https://www.jobs.manchester.ac.uk/Job/JobDetail?JobId=27481

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