Dr. Andrew Logsdail

Andrew Logsdail photo

Andrew was awarded BSc (2006), MRes (2008) and PhD (2012) degrees from the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham. His PhD focused on the computational modelling of gold nanoparticles and bimetallic derivatives, and he was awarded a Springer-Verlag PhD Thesis Prize in 2013. Andrew then moved to UCL where he held PDRA (2012-14) and Ramsay Research Fellow (2014-16) positions. There, he participated in the development of the computational chemistry software packages “ChemShell” and “FHI-aims” and participated in their application towards solid-state and heterogeneous catalytic challenges. In 2016, Andrew moved to the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, Cardiff University, on a University-sponsored Research Fellowship. In Cardiff, he has developed research collaborations that couple his previous broad experiences with investigations of catalysis using precious-metal nanoparticles, solid-state metal oxides and zeolites. Andrew has been a committee member for the RSC “Solid State Chemistry” interest group (2015-2018) and is the current academic representative to the Wales Regional Steering Group (2018-).

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