Dr. Haresh Manyar

Haresh Manyar photo

Haresh Manyar is Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). He is the Theme Lead of Catalysis research cluster and the Year Head of Teaching for level 2 Chemical Engineering at QUB. He has received the Queen’s Teaching Award 2016 for Excellence in Teaching. He received PhD in Chemistry from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT, formerly UDCT), Mumbai, India in 2002. He worked in pharmaceutical industry, IPCA Laboratories in India before joining academics. He held prestigious MIUR Research Fellowship by Italian Ministry at the University of Turin, Italy till 2008. He is appointed as an Independent Expert by European Research Council on Individual Marie Curie Actions programme; on the Leadership forum of the IChemE Energy Centre Board; and on the International Advisory Committee of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) for its annual Congress ChemCon 2017. He has applied his research at the interface between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to develop new heterogeneous catalysts, and chemical processes. He has particular interests in Selectivity Engineering in liquid phase catalytic processes using nanomaterials, heteropolyacids, and mixed metal oxides for production of renewable chemicals and biofuels.

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