Initial Projects
  1. New Advances in Redox Catalysis. G Hutchings (Cardiff), PDRA: S Kondrat (Cardiff)
  2. Towards closing the chlorine cycle in large-scale chemical manufacturing processes. D Lennon (Glasgow), PRDRA: S Guan Cardiff/Glasgow. Additional resource 1 year of PDRA funding, EPSRC Ref: EP/I038748/1. Cardiff University Staff Mobility Programme funding PDRA to visit KU Leuven to carry out electrochemical-STM studies on Cl adsorption on oxidized copper single crystal surface.
  3. Artificial Metalloenzymes for (selective) Oxidative Catalysis. P Kamer (St Andrews), PDRA: A Jarvis (St Andrews). Additional resource 2 years of PDRA funding, and PDRA is currently funded by a Marie Curie individual fellowship. A BSc project student supported this project at St Andrews.
  4. Photocatalytic Degradation of Nitrate ions from Water. G Hutchings (Cardiff), PDRA: P Miedziak (Cardiff).
  5. Particulate Destruction: Soot Control. S Golunski (Cardiff), PDRA: C Davies (Cardiff).
  6. Mechanically-Activated Catalysts for Autonomous Damage Repair in Composite Materials. D Wass (Bristol), PDRA: B Pfaffinger (Bristol).
  7. The Direct Fixation of CO2. M Bowker (Cardiff), PDRA: H Bahruji (Cardiff). Additional Resource: EU H2020 and a grant application between Cardiff/Liverpool/ICL: EP/N010531/1.
2015 Projects
  1. CO2 Fixation. Bowker (Cardiff), PDRA: H Bahruji (1 year PDRA granted at Cardiff). Additional resource Jonathan Ruiz Esquius–PhD student funded by MaxNet Rob Armstrong–Postdoc ESPRC funding.
  2. Particulate Destruction (Continuation). Golunski (Cardiff), PDRA: C Davies (18 months, Cardiff). Additional resource: two MChem students and one BSc student, who carried out catalyst preparation, characterisation and testing as part of their final-year research projects. We have applied for an Impact Acceleration Award from Cardiff University for (i) the first stage of scale-up and engine testing of the integrated SCR and soot-combustion system, and (ii) an external assessment of the market pull for this technology.
  3. Catalysts for the Autonomous Repair and Remodelling of Structural Composites. Wass (Bristol), PRDA: R Wingdad (2 years, Bristol). Additional resource: Summer Project Student. 2 x Masters Students. PhD student via ACCIS CDT. PHD student via Marie Curie network at Bristol.
  4. Water treatment – Combined Hydrocarbon and Nitrate Removal: A Continuing Investigation. Hutchings (Cardiff), PDRA: P Miedzak (18 months, Cardiff).
  5. Green Catalysts for Green Reactions. Bartley, PDRA: S Kondrat (18 months, Cardiff). Additional resource: William Wallace: PhD student(2nd year) Adam Osborn:MChem project student Yuk Chan; BSc project student.
2018 projects
  1. Particulate Destruction Combined with SCR for Simultaneous Soot and NOx Control. S Golunski (Cardiff, 18 months).
  2. Optical Tweezers for Interrogation of Catalysis. M Bowker (Cardiff, 1 year).
  3. Microwave Assisted Catalysis. Slocombe (Cardiff, 18 months)
  4. Water treatment – Combined Hydrocarbon and Nitrate Removal: A Continuing Investigation. Hutchings (Cardiff, 18 Months). PDRA: P Miedzak (Cardiff).

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