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  • Adam Harvey
    Areas: Catalysts for biofuels, Flow chemistry, Plasma processing, Reactor engineering, process intensification
  • Adisa Azapagic
    Areas: Carbon footprinting, Life cycle assessment
  • Alberto Roldan
    Areas: Computational Chemistry, Energy and Environment, Heterogeneous catalysis, Surface Science
  • Alex Cowan
    Areas: Catalytic Mechanisms, Electrocatalysis, Photocatalysis, SFG/surface spectroscopy
  • Anca Proda
    Areas: artificial metalloenzymes, biocatalysis, chemo-enzymatic catalysis, enzyme engineering, thermostability
  • Andrew Logsdail
    Areas: computation, heterogeneous, materials, multiscale
  • Andrew Marr
    Areas: Homogeneous catalysis, bio-catalysis, combining organometallic, green chemistry, ionic liquids
  • AnnMarie C. O’Donoghue
    Areas: biocatalysis, organocatalysis, physical organic chemistry
  • Arunabhiram Chutia
    Areas: Carbon Materials, Density Functional theory, Oxides, Zeolites/Zeotypes, catalysis
  • Ben Partridge
    Areas: Boron, C-H borylation, Copper, Homogeneous catalysis, Rhodium
  • Chedly Tizaoui
    Areas: Advanced oxidation processes, Catalytic ozonation, Non-thermal plasma, Photocatalysis and catalytic membranes, Water treatment
  • Daniel Lee
    Areas: NMR spectroscopy, advanced materials, host-guest interactions, organic-inorganic interfaces, surface characterisation
  • David Lennon
    Areas: Industrial chemistry, catalyst characterisation, catalyst deactivation, catalyst optimisation strategies, dehydrogenation reactions, fine chemicals synthesis, halogen reactions, hydrogenation reactions, inelastic neutron scattering, mechanism elucidation, physical chemistry, reaction kinetics, technique development
  • Emma Emanuelsson Patterson
    Areas: Reaction Engineering, Reactor Design
  • Fernando J Russo AbegĆ£o
    Areas: Biorefining, Catalyst manufacturing, Photocatalysis, biofuels, process intensification
  • Ian Fairlamb
  • James Mcgregor
    Areas: Biomass conversion, Coking and catalyst deactivation, Fuels and petrochemicals, Heterogeneous catalysis, Waste valorisation
  • James Walton
    Areas: Homogeneous catalysis, Organometallics, Pi-arene metal complexes, Ruthenium
  • Joe Wood
    Areas: Chemical engineering, Reaction Engineering, biofuels, carbon capture, catalysis
  • Junwang Tang
    Areas: CH4, Photocatalysis, ammonia, microwave catalysis, process intensification
  • Louise Horsfall
    Areas: biogenic metal nanoparticles, enzymes, resource recovery
  • Maria Olea
    Areas: Heterogeneous catalysis, environmentally friendly fuels, municipal solid waste conversion, volatile organic compounds elimination and biomass, waste polymers
  • Michael Bowker
    Areas: CO2 reduction catalysis, Methanol oxidation, Photocatalysis, Selective oxidation, Surface Analysis
  • Mimi Hii
  • Philip Davies
    Areas: Carbon, Photocatalysis, STM, Surface Science, XPS
  • Philip W. Dyer
    Areas: Carbonylation, Gas-to-liquids, Heterogeneous catalysis, Homogeneous catalysis, Homogeneous/heterogeneous catalysis, Olefin oligomerisation, Organophosphorus chemistry
  • Robert Raja
    Areas: CO2 storage and utilization, Predictive design, Renewable energy, Single-site heterogeneous catalysis, Sustainable catalysis
  • Russell Taylor
    Areas: Alkane conversion, Heterogeneous catalysis, Homogeneous catalysis, renewable processes, zeolites
  • Simon Beaumont
    Areas: Fischer-Tropsch, Heterogeneous catalysis, Heterogeneous catalyst, In situ spectroscopy, Raman, X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Simone Morra
    Areas: Hydrogen, Hydrogenases, Metalloproteins, Protein engineering, enzymes
  • Tomas Ramirez Reina
    Areas: Biomass upgrading, CO2 conversion, H2, Low-Carbon Energy, Reaction Engineering
  • Tony Bridgwater
    Areas: biofuels, biomass, pyrolysis, upgrading
  • Ulrich Hintermair
    Areas: FlowNMR, Homogeneous catalysis, in-situ / operando spectroscopy, kinetics and mechanisms, organometallic chemistry
  • Xiaodong Wang
    Areas: Cooperative catalysis, Heterogeneous catalysis, NADH/NAD+, cofactor regeneration, cooperative/tandem catalysis, hydrogenation, tandem catalysis

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