New UK Catalysis Hub Research Associate position in Hydrogen Technologies with Manchester Metropolitan University

The successful candidate will work on hydrogen technologies within the Ā£4m Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre (MFCIC), part of the Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering (AMSE) Research Centre. The centre is home to electrochemists, materials scientists and engineers who use state-of-the-art electrochemical techniques to investigate materials and diagnostic tools for energy conversion and storage technologies. We develop, characterise, optimise and test materials and devices for energy conversion and storage technologies. Our facilities include high precision and low current potentiostats for half-cell electrochemical measurements to kW scale fuel cell tests.

As well as working at the MFCIC, the candidate will also be part of the UK Catalysis Hub as well as the Chemistry Department at Manchester Metropolitan University, working with Dr Yagya Regmi and Dr Laurie King. Through the UK Catalysis Hub, the candidate will have access to the world-class facilities on Harwell Campus and interact regularly with the wider UK catalysis community.


The Postdoctoral Research Associate will undertake investigations to understand electrochemical behaviour of catalysts during water electrolysis. The research activities will include synthesis of nanostructured precious metal catalysts; materials characterisation using facilities at MFCIC, AMSE and the UK Catalysis Hub; electrochemical testing of the prepared catalysts for water splitting reactions, and communicating the findings in scientific publications and conferences.

Visit for more information and to apply.

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