New UK Catalysis Hub Research Associate position to develop new P-ligands for rhodium-catalysed hydroformylation and study how the catalyst functions in situ by flow NMR and XRS, and applying computational chemistry methods with University of Bristol

The project will involve a wide range of synthetic, computational and instrumentation techniques in collaboration with an interdisciplinary project team comprised of: Paul Pringle and Natalie Fey (Bristol), Ulrich Hintermair (Bath), Hans deVries (LIKAT), Robert Franke (Evonik), Stuart Bartlett and Anna Kroner (Diamond).Ā Research in the Pringle group is centred on the design and synthesis of unusual P-ligands for applications in catalysis. The aim of this project is to develop novel phosphites and their precious metal complexes that will be of interest for rhodium-catalysed hydroformylation to produce some industrially important target aldehydes.Ā 

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