One step process for generating ultra pure alloy nanoparticle catalysts

When: 23 April 2024, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT
Where: Online

A webinar on the One step process for generating ultra pure alloy nanoparticle catalysts from Dr. Vicky Broadley, Nikalyte Ltd.

Electrochemical splitting of water offers a zero-carbon method for converting renewable energy to hydrogen. Economical production requires electrocatalysts that reduce the overpotentials for the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions (HER/OER) to avoid energy wastage and lower operating costs. The best performing OER catalysts are based on iridium, whose scarcity and cost limits the large-scale deployment of this technology. There is thus a pressing need for the development of low-cost electrocatalysts that use lower loadings of these components or fully replace them with earth-abundant elements. High-entropy alloy nanoparticles (HEA-NPs), that consist of 5 or more component elements, are a promising class of electrocatalyst materials, that provide a wide parameter space for performance tuning and the potential for each constituent element to perform complementary roles. 

Plasma vapour deposition (pvd) offers many advantages over other nanoparticle synthesis techniques, due to superior reproducibility and lower environmental impact. In this Webinar Vicky will present a one step pvd process for generating complex alloy nananoparticles and will share data on the OER performance of high entropy alloy nanoparticle catalysts.   

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Speaker Vicky Broadley photo

Vicky is the Chief Operating Officer at Nikalyte Ltd. She has a DPhil in Physics from Oxford University and 23 years of experience in industrial surface science research. As an application scientist at Mantis Deposition Ltd she developed nanoparticle coatings for a wide range of sectors including photovoltaics, solid oxide fuel cells and gas/chemical sensors. More recently she has managed Henry Royce funded projects to develop earth abundant nanoparticle catalysts for AEM Water Electrolyzers using Nikalyte’s PVD technology.

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