Past Webinar: F-block catalysts for the catalytic conversion of dinitrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon oxygenates under mild conditions with Prof. Polly L Arnold (UC Berkeley)

When: 23 June, 16:00 – Watch Now

The subtleties of structure and bonding in compounds of the rare earths (Group 3 and the lanthanides) and actinides are still poorly-understood. However, their complexes can exhibit strong and tuneable Lewis acidity, high and tuneable reduction capacity, and the capacity for rapid ligand exchange reactions. Organometallic compounds of the lanthanides and actinides have begun to show many interesting small molecule activation reactions, and interest is increasing in their activity as catalysts, since the recognition that many rare earths are at least as abundant as iodine, and many are cheap and less toxic than iron.

We will show some new f-block organometallic complexes that have been designed to control a few different catalytic transformations. These will include (a) the first homogeneous f-block catalysts for dinitrogen functionalization and a catalytic synthesis of secondary amines that uses reactive protons in the ligand, and (b) an exceptionally rapid catalyst that makes ultra-high molar mass cyclic polylactides that relies on the Lewis acidic Ln centre and the ligandā€™s pendant Lewis basic group.

Watch the webinar below.

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