Prof Charlotte Williams Group

At the University of Oxford, Professor Williams and her team investigate how to make sustainable plastics. To do this, they take molecules derived from waste products, such as carbon dioxide and citrus peel, and transform them into long chains, known as polymers. These polymers can be used as the key ingredient for materials with a range of applications, from shoes to mattress foam, to sealants and adhesives. Compared with plastics derived from fossil fuels, these new materials have a decreased environmental impact and will help us in our effort to reach NetZero.

In the exhibit, scientists from the Williams group will be showcasing some of their CO2-derived materials. You will also be able to play games to help you understand the science of plastics and watch videos demonstrating how the team at Oxford conducts research. The Williams group is looking forward to seeing you there!

Professor Charlotte Williams, Dr Ryan Kerr, Dr Arron Deacy, Dr Thom McGuire, Dr Greg Sulley and Kam Poon

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