RA in Eng Electro-catalysts for green Hydrogen Production at Loughborough University

There is a new opportunity to work on exciting and ambitious research in engineering efficient and stable electrocatalysts for water splitting to green hydrogen and oxygen, and to develop novel technologies for producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources. The successful electro-catalysis technology will bring game-changing revolution on low-cost and scalable hydrogen production for wider downstream applications for our net zero future.

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate, who has one or multidisciplinary experience in catalysis, material chemistry, electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering, and interfacial sciences and engineering. You are expected to have advanced experimental experiences of nano-catalyst synthesis and characterization, (electro-)catalysis, water electrolysis (HER and OER), and electrochemical energy technology development; and have a PhD degree (or be close to completion) in one of the relevant subjects, including electrochemistry, catalysis, materials science, electrochemical engineering, material engineering, or relevant subjects.

You will build connections in interdisciplinary research fields; you will have opportunities to collaborate with other researchers within the collaborations with project partners in Manchester University and the UK Catalysis Hub. You will have great opportunities for further development of the career with training on teaching and leadership, supervision of the research students, and presenting the research in the UK and international conferences.

For further information or an informal discussion about the position please contact Prof. Wen-Feng Lin at w.lin@lboro.ac.uk and/or Dr Simon Kondrat at s.kondrat@lboro.ac.uk.

Application closing date – 18 July 2022.

For more information and to apply visit https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/CQU355/ra-in-eng-electro-catalysts-for-green-hydrogen-production

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