Research Assistant/Associate in Chemical Engineering with Newcastle University

We are seeking you to join our team as a researcher as part of the UKā€™s prominent Chemical Engineering groups headed by Professor Ian Metcalfe, FREng. 

Based in the School of Engineering, our group are experts in supportedĀ molten-salt membranes for gas separation,Ā as well as advancedĀ catalysis preparation methodologies, e.g. exsolution. You will work in the areas of heterogenous catalysis and gas separation membranes, applied to CO2 capture and conversion.Ā 

In this project, supported by the EPSRCĀ UK Catalysis Hub, you will work with Dr Evangelos I. Papaioannou (Lecturer) and Dr Greg A. Mutch (RAEng Research Fellow) to develop metal/metal oxide catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation and new supported molten-salt membranes. Your role will include catalyst synthesis, membrane preparation, characterisation and kinetic measurements, gas analysis and dissemination of results. A key deliverable of the project is to prepare novel membranes and catalysts for XAFS interrogation at Diamond Light Source with project partners.Ā 

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Deadline: 9th June 2021

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