Research Associate/Fellow in Electrocatalysis (fixed term) at the University of Nottingham

An (initial) 2 year PDRA post at the University of Nottingham working on reduction of CO2 and hydrogen generation via electrolysis is available, reporting to Andrei Khlobystov and working closely with Neil Rees (Birmingham), Andrea Ferrari (Cambridge) and Graham Hutchings (Cardiff). 

Metal Atoms on Surfaces and Interfaces (MASI) is a large-scale multidisciplinary project spearheaded by four UK universities (Nottingham, Cardiff, Cambridge, and Birmingham) simultaneously addressing two grand challenges: sustainable use of metals and low-carbon technologies. Through harnessing the unique characteristics and potential of single metal atoms and metal nanoclusters, MASI seeks to address pressing global issues of sustainability, energy efficiency, carbon dioxide utilisation and a move towards a circular economy. The multidisciplinary holistic research methodology of MASI is stimulating innovation across different sectors, accelerating the translation of fundamental discoveries for clean technologies.

The project consists of four interconnected Themes addressing the fundamental aspects of metal nanocluster formation (A), metal-support interactions (B), imaging & analysis of nanocatalysts in action (C) and harnessing their catalytic/electrocatalytic properties in key reactions, including CO2 electroreduction and hydrogen generation by electrolysis (D), funded by the EPSRC Programme Grant for a period of five years from August 2021. For more information, please visit

We seek to appoint a postdoctoral researcher with strong background in electrocatalysis, to advance electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to methanol and other liquid products using materials and methods developed in this project. The Research Fellow will be appointed for two years to harness electrocatalytic properties of metal nanoclusters, to provide holistic understanding of the reaction pathways and to design electrocatalytic batch and flow reactors. The Research Fellow will become part of the multidisciplinary MASI project team and the Nanocarbon Group, led by Prof. Andrei Khlobystov (

Application deadline is Tuesday 1st March.

For more information and to apply visit

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