The National Research facility in PES up for renewal next year – your views on HarwellXPS

The National Research facility in PES is up for renewal next year and, as is usual, the current operators (HarwellXPS) have been asked to explore what it is the community really wants from the centre for the next iteration.

HarwellXPS need your help in gathering information for the ‚ÄúStatement of Need.‚ÄĚ The Catalysis community has been the biggest user of the HarwellXPS service by far, over the last 4 years and they would like to ensure they capture the opinion of those researchers for the future.

HarwellXPS have constructed a short survey HERE please use it to register your views. There is no need to have actually used HarwellXPS to complete the survey, or even PES; they are as interested in what people would like to do as what they have found useful in the past.

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