Initial Projects
  1. Activation and Reaction of sp3Centers – J Blacker(Leeds), John Williams (Bath), PDRA: P Marce Villa (Bath). Additional resource: undergraduate MChem project student was involved in aspects of the proposed work.
  2. Selective Syngas Conversion: D Wass (Bristol), PDRA: Giulio Bianchino (Bristol).
  3. Next Generation Polymers through Stereocontrolled Activated Monomer Catalysts. C. K. Williams (Imperial), and P. Mountford (Oxford). PDRA: V Poirier (Imperial), I Yu (Oxford).
  4. Catalysis in Confined Environments. Andrew Weller (Oxford), Mat Rosseinsky (Liverpool). PDRA: A Grigoropolous (Liverpool).
  5. Non-Transition Metal Catalysis. Ben Davis (Oxford). PDRA: C Fehl (Oxford)
  6. Denovo Biocatalysis. (*shared with Design) B Davis (Oxford). PDRA: M Espelling.
2015 Projects
  1. Catalysis in Confined Environments: Well–Defined TM–Catalysts@MOF. Weller (Oxford), PDRA: A Grigoropolous (2 years, Liverpool).
  2. Metal-Organic and Organocatalytic Methods for Stereocontrolled Activated Monomer Catalysis. Mountford (Oxford), PDRA: I Yu (Oxford), C Wheetman (Edinburgh) (2 years PDRA time granted at Oxford, Edinburgh and Bath) Additional resource matched funding at Oxford and Edinburgh additional 18 months of resource). A DPhil student and masters student have been supporting this project in Oxford.
  3. Comparing Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts for Selective Polymerisations with Design. Williams (Imperial), Sumesh Kumar (Imperial/ Oxford two years PDRA time *shared with design).
  4. A Collaborative Mechanistic Approach to Paramagnetic Iron Catalysis R Bedford (Bristol), PDRA: A Messinis (2 years, Bristol). Additional resource: DTA (University of Bristol starting autumn 2017), two students from the Cardiff-Bristol-Bath Catalysis CDT, with two of the Co-Is from this project acting as Co-Is for the students.
  5. Ionic Liquid-Metal Oxide Composite Catalysts for Beckmann Rearrangement. Mar(QUB), PDRA: H Annath (2 years, QUB and Southampton). Additional resource: Collaboration with Stephanie Chapman, PhD student-Southampton.
2017 Projects
  1. Biocatalysis for High Value Transformations that Chemical Catalysis Struggles to Perform. Davis (Oxford) / Davidson (Bath, 2 years). PDRA: Charlie Fehl (Oxford).
  2. A Multi-tool Approach to Unravel the Modus Operandi of Olefin Oligomerisation Catalysts. Britovsek (Imperial, 2 Years). PDRA: Dominic Pye (Imperial).
  3. Hydrogenation of Organic Compounds: Electrochemical Intervention to Optimized Catalysts. Unwin (Aston, 1 year). PDRA: Changhui Chen (Warwick).
  4. Frustrated Lewis Pairs for Metal-Free Catalysis of Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation. Kamer (St Andrews), Aldridge (Oxford, 2 years). PDRA: Maria Fuentes-Dominguez (Oxford).
  5. CarboCat: Ligand Design for Enhanced Proton Transfer in Homogeneous Alkene and Alkyne Alkoxycarbonylation– Understanding and Application. Dyer (Durham), Non core. PDRA: Kevin Vincent (Durham).

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