UK Catalysis Hub special double issue of Philosophical Transactions A Exploring the length scales, timescales and chemistry of challenging materials

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special double issue of Philosophical Transactions A:  Exploring the length scales, timescales and chemistry of challenging materials (Part 1 & II) compiled and edited by UK Catalysis Hub members including C Richard A Catlow and Martin Wilding.

The physical and chemical properties of different materials reflect interactions over different length and timescales. In this theme issue, we show how such interactions are important in different disciplines and how, by using state of the art experimental techniques and computational modelling, a deep understanding of atomistic and molecular interactions can be developed. In two volumes we highlight new research in physics, chemistry, Earth science, material science and biochemistry that demonstrate how different length and timescales influence the complex process in the solid state, in catalysis, at high pressure in biomechanics, and in the amorphous and liquid state. We illustrate how these combined approaches can be used to further explore the complexity of new and challenging materials.

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