Upgrade of Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy in Diamond

Diamond Light Source, the UK national synchrotron is planning an upgrade to the machine and the associated beamlines. One opportunity that this provides is the possibility to convert the VerSoX ambient pressure beamline from a bending magnet source to an undulator source. This benefits the science on the beamline in a number of ways ‚Äď higher flux and smaller beam sizes would enable studies at higher pressures, an increase in the flux at higher energies would provide deeper penetration, and the polarisation control would allow new techniques to be developed. ¬†An outline case was well received by the Diamond advisory committees in May 2020 and since then a User Working Group has been assembled and is in the process of writing a full science case to be considered in December 2020. The group would now like to request input from the broader user community in the form of statements of support. Please support this proposal by clicking the link below and complete the form highlighting the VerSoX proposal (the last one on the list) and let us know how this would help your research and benefit the broader community. This information will be incorporated into the full proposal. Please note that to be included we need statements to be submitted by¬†24th¬†November 2020.

Visit https://www.diamond.ac.uk/dam/jcr:b6c782c7-c1d0-4c29-815b-8f01229d9eea/Structures%20and%20Surfaces%20-%20Upgrade%20VerSoX:%20An%20undulator%20source%20for%20Ambient%20Pressure%20XPS.pdf for more information and submit your statement

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