Watch Now: A Perspective on Catalyst Testing in Industry

When: 6 October 2023, 15:00 BST
Where: Online

The evaluation of catalysts through testing is ubiquitous in laboratories world wide, and there are many textbooks and literature articles that describe in varying levels of detail how such tests should be undertaken. 

In the chemical industry, catalyst testing also forms an essential part of the development and improvement of chemical processes and there are many aspects of testing that have to addressed including:

Flow characteristics of the chosen reactor system
Elimination of the effects of mass and heat transfer
Overall mass balance
Minimisation of errors and experimental artefacts

Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls that can catch the unwary.  The webinar offers a perspective on laboratory scale catalyst testing within an industrial environment, and will provide some examples of best practice.


Chris Mitchell

Dr Chris Mitchell is currently a Chief Scientist at SABIC UK Petrochemicals Ltd, working as part of SABIC’s Global Technology and Innovation organisation.  He studied Chemistry at the University of Bristol and received a Ph.D. in colloid science before starting at ICI Chemicals and Polymers Ltd in Runcorn in 1989.

He joined Huntsman Corporation in 2000 where he was a Catalytic Chemistry Expert in their Polyurethanes Division working on the improvement and development of a variety of heterogeneous catalytic processes. 

Chris moved to SABIC in 2015 where he is recognised for his expertise in the development and scale-up of heterogeneous catalysts and catalytic processes after more than 30 years of industrial experience with both gas- and liquid- phase catalytic processes.

View a recording of the webinar below:

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