XAS BAG 2022 Call open

The next allocation for the  B18 Core EXAFS BAG will be as part of the AP31 cycle and will take place on the 6-8th April. There will a second call in AP31 after the shutdown, probably in July.

Although the date has yet to be confirmed, we would like to invite you to submit proposals for the next BAG allocation. The deadline for proposals is Friday 18th February 2022.

We would welcome proposals for both ex situ and in situ measurements. There may still be some COVID-19 restrictions in place by the time the experiments are run and we will update you as soon as we obtain details of these. These restrictions should not however influence or limit the scope of any proposal you would submit.

Please note that the submission forms for both in situ and ex situ have been modified. These are interim and we aim to develop online submission in due course. This forms aim to make it easier for the panel to evaluate the merits of each proposal and also to ensure that we can run as many samples, from as many different groups as possible. So the forms have a limited number of samples per experiment and are restricted to three pages. There are no restrictions on the number of proposals per group. The forms are restricted and only allow fields to be filled and it is possible that there may be compatibility issues. If there you have problems with filling in the forms or if you need guidance in filling in the fields please do not hesitate to contact   Dr Martin Wilding(WildingM2@cardiff.ac.uk).

Further details are available on the BAG page at

BAG at Diamond Light Source – UK Catalysis Hub

Part of the BAG remit is to encourage new users and if you have not participated in one of the BAG allocations before and are interested in XAS experiments please contact  Dr Martin Wilding (WildingM2@cardiff.ac.uk) and we will be happy to arrange a discussion with you and help develop your proposal. 

The UK Catalysis Hub has also been awarded a BAG for X-ray PDF (pair-distribution function analysis or total scattering) at I15. Here too we aim to encourage users who are interested in using this technique for both ex situ and in situ experiments. To introduce this technique to Cat Hub members Dr Phil Chater from I15 will be giving a webinar on 7th February 2022. For more information visit the event page at https://ukcatalysishub.co.uk/pair-distribution-function-pdf-block-allocation-group-bag-access-at-diamond/

If you would like to discuss either XAS or PDF experiments or combined experiments please contact Dr Martin Wilding (WildingM2@cardiff.ac.uk).

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