2 PDRA posts in catalysis at University of Sheffield

The growing global interest in carbon capture and conversion/utilization (CCU) technologies means that new supply chains can be created to add value from an otherwise waste gas. This means new fossil carbon use can be avoided in a move towards a circular economy.

The Flu2Chem project is funded by Innovate UK and involves several world-leading industrial partners. The aim is to use CO2 to produce surfactant molecules to use in cleaning products that are fossil-carbon-free. The project will develop laboratory-scale processes to a scale that can be deployed at an emitter site.

Working under the guidance of Professor Peter Styring and Dr James McGregor, the two post-holders will play major roles in the delivery of (1) a carbon capture unit and (2) a thermo-catalytic CO2-to-organics chemical reactor. 

Both post-holders will have a PhD (or equivalent experience) in in a Chemical Engineering or Chemistry including the design of small pilot scale reactors. The posts will allow the successful candidates to spend time working on industrial emitter sites to develop pre-commercial solutions to world-leading problems.

The position will be part of the Styring (www.styring-research.com) and McGregor (www.sustainablecatalyticengineering.com) Groups at the UK Centre for CO2 Utilisation in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering: a dynamic and thriving Department within the University’s Faculty of Engineering, comprising 36 academic staff, 45 research staff, 14 technicians, 22 support staff and over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world (www.sheffield.ac.uk/cbe)

Please contact Dr. James McGregor (james.mcgregor@sheffield.ac.uk) for further details.

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