Assistant Professor (tenure-track) and Professor (tenured) positions at ISTA Austria

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (tenure-track) and PROFESSOR (tenured) positions
in all areas of sciences including  
Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.

We invite applications for several open positions in all areas of the above-mentioned disciplines as well as in related and interdisciplinary fields.

The closing date for applications in Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics is October 25, 2023.
The closing date for applications in Computer Science is December 1, 2023.

To apply online please click here.

For enquiries, please visit FAQ.

For questions that are not covered in FAQ, please contact

Your application includes your curriculum vitae (with a list of publications) and a research statement including a description of your scientific accomplishments and planned research activities. We will confirm receipt of your application immediately and notify you about its status at the latest six months after the call deadline.

If your application passes the first round of selection, we will contact your referees.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview usually from January to March and asked to provide a Community Engagement Statement of no more than two pages addressing the questions:

What are the pressing challenges you see for your scientific community?

How have you addressed these challenges in the past and how would you like to address them in the future?

Applicants should provide a narrative statement – not simply a list of committees or activities – regarding initiatives they have been/are/would like to be involved in. Topics may include: leadership, building a positive research culture, diversity & inclusion, research ethics & integrity, open access, sustainability, science education, outreach, contributions to policy, tech transfer etc. Applicants should explain why they chose these topics, their efforts in making a positive contribution, and their outcomes. This statement will be a basis for discussion as part of the interview.

For more information and to apply visit

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