Postdoctoral researcher in in-situ spectroscopy for electrocatalytic reactions at Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology ICN2

The NanoElectrocatalysis Group combines electrochemistry, materials science and in situ characterisation at the atomic scale to elucidate design principles for the discovery and development of novel electrocatalyst materials for the conversion and storage of renewable energy, as well as the production of sustainable fuels and chemicals. We offer stimulating working conditions in a vibrant, interdisciplinary and international research environment. Within this project, the candidate will characterise functional electrocatalyst nanomaterials and investigate the molecular mechanisms of electrocatalytic reactions for energy conversion and production of green fuels.

Main Tasks and responsibilities:

The successful candidate will combine classical electrochemical methods with in situ characterisation techniques such as infrared and Raman spectroscopy and synchrotron-based structural characterisation methods. This combination will be used to investigate the structure-property relations of electrocatalyst materials as well as the mechanism of electrocatalytic reactions.

The main reactions of interest inzclude green hydrogen production and electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide into renewable fuels. The candidate will develop electrochemical and in situ characterisation methods and setups for the real-time detection of intermediates and products during electrocatalytic reactions. The research will be carried out in collaboration with other groups at both ICN2 and foreign research institutions. The candidate will carry out independent research under supervision, write scientific papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals, and disseminate their work in international conferences.

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