Design Publications 2015

Emma K. Gibson, Andrew M. Beale, C. Richard A. Catlow, Arunabhiram Chutia, Diego Gianolio, Anna Gould, Anna Kroner, Khaled M. H. Mohammed, Michal Perdjon, Scott M. Rogers, Peter P. Wells, Restructuring of AuPd nanoparticles studied by a combined XAFS/DRIFTS approach, Chem. Mater, 27 (10), pp 3714–3720,  DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b00866

Julia Kennedy, Wilm Jones David J. Morgan, Michael Bowker, Li Lu, Christopher J. Kiely, Peter P. Wells & Nikolaos Dimitratos, Photocatalytic hydrogen production by reforming of methanol using Au/TiO2, Ag/TiO2 and Au-Ag/TiO2 catalysts, Catalysis, Structure and reactivity, 1, 35-43     DOI:10.1179/2055075814Y.0000000006

Jean-Charles Buffet, Nidwaree Wanna, Thomas A. Q. Arnold, Emma K. Gibson, Peter P. Wells, Qiang Wang, Jonggol Tantirungrotechai, and Dermot O’Har, Highly Tunable Catalyst Supports for Single-Site Ethylene Polymerization,    Chemistry of Materials, 27 (5), pp 1495–1501, DOI:10.1021/cm503433q

Michael Bowker, Matthew House, Abdulmohsen Alshehri, Catherine Brookes, Emma K. Gibson & Peter P. Wells, Selectivity determinants for dual function catalysts: applied to methanol selective oxidation on iron molybdate, Catalysis, Structure and reactivity, 1 (2) 95-100, DOI:10.1179/2055075815Y.0000000002

G. Ye, X. Duan, K. Zhu, X. Zhou, M.-O. Coppens and W. Yuan, Optimizing spatial pore-size and porosity distributions of adsorbents for enhanced adsorption and desorption performance, Chem. Eng. Sci, 132, 108-117

Sep-15, Dr. Ceri Hammond, Daniele Padovan, Abbas Al-Nayili, Dr. Peter. P. Wells, Dr. Emma K. Gibson, Dr. Nikolaos Dimitratos, Identification of Active and Spectator Sn Sites in Sn-β Following Solid-State Stannation, and Consequences for Lewis Acid Catalysis, ChemCatChem, 7, ( 20), 3322–3331, DOI:10.1002/cctc.201500545

Aug-15,   Christopher S. Hinde, Arran M. Gill, Dr. Peter P. Wells, Prof. T. S. Andy Hor,
Dr. Robert Raja, Utilizing Benign Oxidants for Selective Aerobic Oxidations Using Heterogenized Platinum Nanoparticle Catalysts, ChemPlusChem, 80, (8)
1226–1230,  DOI:10.1002/cplu.201500195

May-15,  Jiacheng Wang, Simon A. Kondrat, Yingyu Wang, Gemma L. Brett, Cicely Giles, Jonathan K. Bartley, Li Lu, Qian Liu, Christopher J. Kiely, and Graham J. Hutchings, Au-Pd Nanoparticles Dispersed on Composite Titania/Graphene Oxide-Supports as a Highly Active Oxidation Catalyst, ACS Catalysis, 5 (6), pp 3575–3587, DOI:10.1021/acscatal.5b00480

May-15, Christopher S. Hinde, Davide Ansovini, Peter P. Wells, Gillian Collins, Sivan Van Aswegen, Justin D. Holmes, T. S. Andy Hor, and Robert Raja,  Elucidating Structure-Property Relationships in the Design of Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts for the Activation of Molecular Oxygen, ACS Catalysis,  5 (6), pp 3807–3816

May-15, Scott M. Rogers, C. Richard A. Catlow, Carine E. Chan-Thaw, Diego Gianolio Emma K. Gibson, Anna L. Gould, Nan Jian, Andrew J. Logsdail, Richard E. Palmer, Laura Prati, Nikolaos Dimitratos, Alberto Villa, and Peter P. Wells, Tailoring Gold Nanoparticle Characteristics and the Impact on Aqueous-Phase Oxidation of Glycerol, ACS Catalysis,  5 (7), pp 4377–4384, DOI:10.1021/acscatal.5b00754

Dzielendziak, Agnieszka S., Blake, James I. R., Bounds, Richard, Wilkinson, Karl A., Carravetta, Marina, Chambers, Alan R., Skylaris, Chris-Kriton, Raja, Robert, Spectroscopic chemical insights leading to the design of versatile sustainable composites for enhanced marine application, RSC Advances, 5, 122, 101221-101231, Published 2015, DOI: 10.1039/c5ra19197a

Davies, Thomas E., Kondrat, Simon A., Nowicka, Ewa, Graham, James J., Apperley, David C., Taylor, Stuart H., Graham, Andrew E., Dehydrative Etherification Reactions of Glycerol with Alcohols Catalyzed by Recyclable Nanoporous Aluminosilicates: Telescoped Routes to Glyceryl Ethers, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2016, 4, 3, 835–843, DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.5b00894

Newland, Stephanie H., Sinkler, Wharton, Mezza, Thomas, Bare, Simon R., Carravetta, Marina, Haies, Ibraheem M., Levy, Alan, Keenan, Scott, Raja, Robert, Expanding Beyond the Micropore: Active-Site Engineering in Hierarchical Architectures for Beckmann Rearrangement, ACS Catal. 2015, 5, 11, 6587–6593, DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.5b01595

O’Malley, Alexander J., Catlow, C. Richard A., Monkenbusch, Michael, Jobic, Hervé, Diffusion of Isobutane in Silicalite: A Neutron Spin–Echo and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study, J. Phys. Chem. C 2015, 119, 48, 26999–27006, DOI:

Villa, Alberto, Campisi, Sebastiano, Mohammed, Khaled M. H., Dimitratos, Nikolaos, Vindigni, Floriana, Manzoli, Maela, Jones, Wilm, Bowker, Michael, Hutchings, Graham J., Prati, Laura, Tailoring the selectivity of glycerol oxidation by tuning the acid–base properties of Au catalysts, Catal. Sci. Technol., 2015, 5, 1126-1132, DOI: 10.1039/C4CY01246A 

Vamvakeros, A., Jacques, S. D. M., Middelkoop, V., Di Michiel, M., Egan, C. K., Ismagilov, I. Z., Vaughan, G. B. M., Gallucci, F., van Sint Annaland, M., Shearing, P. R., Cernik, R. J., Beale, A. M., Real time chemical imaging of a working catalytic membrane reactor during oxidative coupling of methane, Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 12752-12755, DOI: 10.1039/C5CC03208C 

Beale, A. M., Gao, F., Lezcano-Gonzalez, I., Peden, C. H. F., Szanyi, J., Recent advances in automotive catalysis for NOx emission control by small-pore microporous materials, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2015, 44, 7371-7405, DOI: 10.1039/C5CS00108K

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