Flow advancement in the field of catalysis and macrocycles 

Flow chemistry and automation is the future of pharmaceuticals, fine chemical, photochemical, drug discovery and material-based industries. Reactions under flow conditions have been used for hundreds of years in the petrochemical industries, whereas its importance and application has been explored in chemistry in last two decades. Flow chemistry can offer faster, sustainable, cleaner, efficient, and safer reactions without the need for a large footprint. Flow reactions offer more efficient mixing, heat transfer and higher surface area to volume ratio in flow system as compared to batch. Greater control over parameters means the selectivity of a desired product can be tuned more easily. The scale up of the reaction from conceptual studies to the industrial scale manufacturing is much easier in case of flow processes due to the intrinsic property of the narrow tube used as reactor. The talk would consist of case studies of synthesis of porphyrin in flow and selective amination of alcohol under flow conditions.


Dr Firdaus Parveen is a Postdoctoral Research Associate working under Dr Anna Slater at University of Liverpool. They believe the process by which materials are made is just as important as the structure of the pieces they are made from. Her research interests include Flow Chemistry, Catalysis, Macrocycles self-optimizing systems, Biomass derived value-added chemicals and fuel precursors. Her prior engagement was at Imperial College of London as a Research Associate on a collaborative project funded by the UK catalysis Hub where she worked with Prof Mimi Hii (ICL), Prof Klaus (ICL) and Prof J. Blacker (University of Leeds). Dr Parveen has graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India with both her Master’s degree in Chemistry (2011) and a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering (2017). Dr Parveen has also received a renowned Shastri Indo Canadian research award in 2017 to collaborate with USASK, Canada. She has served as an Assistant Professor at University of Delhi, India from 2017 to 2018. She values a healthy work-life balance, enjoys travelling and exploring the outdoors and nature.

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