Past Webinar: Cooperative Catalysis with Prof. Duncan Wass (Director, Cardiff Catalysis Institute)

When: 23 April, 15:00 – Watch Now

Over the past decades, a key objective for both the homogeneous and heterogeneous communities has been to develop ā€˜single siteā€™ catalysts, in the hope of achieving extreme precision in terms of catalyst selectivity. There have been notable successes so that, taking homogeneous catalysis as an example, the electronic and steric characteristics of a single transition metal site can be finely tuned by ligand design. However, more recently the limitations of what can be achieved with a single site are becoming apparent, and this approach is being surpassed in some areas by designing catalysts with multiple sites working in concert ā€“ so-called cooperative catalysis. This webinar will discuss recent approaches in this area, from both the Wass group and more widely. Although the focus of the area to date has been in homogeneous catalysis, parallels to advances in heterogeneous catalysis are clear, often only separated by different nomenclature.  Moreover, similar concepts have been accepted in biocatalysis for many years, making this an emerging field that can bring together many strands of the catalyst community.

Click on the image below to watch the recording of the webinar.

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