NMR Facilities Manager at The Rosalind Franklin Institute

The Rosalind Franklin Institute (the Franklin) is a national research institute, funded by the UK government through UK Research and Innovation, dedicated to bringing about transformative changes in life science through interdisciplinary research and technology in the physical science. As a technical specialist within the Next Generation Chemistry theme of the Franklin, you will help establish, maintain and develop the underpinning analytical infrastructure and instrumentation that is essential to all the work in the Theme with a particular emphasis on NMR. You will contribute and advise on diverse scientific projects, training researchers in the use of equipment, contributing to data analysis, and overseeing equipment operation and maintenance.

Our ongoing expansion in this area also offers significant opportunities for independent research, including the possibility of a role as an independent group leader under our Franklin Investigator programme.

A primary task will be managing NMR spectrometers. Your role will entail establishing effective NMR and MS methods for small and large molecule characterization and mechanism, amongst others, and establishing and exploiting the joint use of NMR, MS and other biophysical methods for characterization of biomolecules and of ligand-biomolecule interactions.

You will also work with key partners in this area such as those in our High-Throughput Discovery team, Diamond’s XChem team, as well as diverse academic and industrial partners as well as other complementary facilities on the Harwell Campus and partner institutions/universities.

Your remit will expand along with the Institute’s activity and equipment, to support all work in synthetic, medicinal and chemical biology including our broad ambitions for diverse NMR applications in Phase 2 of the Franklin, especially those associated with pathology.

Accordingly, your tasks will increasingly encompass diverse methods and novel equipment in collaboration with our dedicated technicians.

You will have freedom to explore diverse research areas and will have the opportunity to work with diverse groups in the Franklin, including, in particular, the NMR Director for the Franklin, Andrew Baldwin. In this context you will latitude to explore joint links with external university partners, obtain on-going training and you will be encouraged to both lead and support research.

For more information and to apply visit https://opportunities.rfi.ac.uk/vacancy/nmr-facilities-manager-515072.html

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